Monday, May 12, 2008

Rattle Snake Eggs

Rattlesnake Eggs
Well the first of April is getting close.Also known as April fools day.
Did you know that April fools day began in the 1500S?That's 500 years of practical jokes,that have been played all over the globe.
April fools jokes should be harmless and done in the spirit of good fun.
I have here the directions to craft a great and scary practical joke..
The Recipe is;
1 Envelope
1 Rubber Band
1 Small Paper Clip
1 Large paper Clip
You need to decorate your envelope to set up your joke.
Draw a Snake or Write Danger signs on it ,such as Beware Rattlesnake Eggs Ready to hatch.

Now bend the large paper clip clip in a way that you can string the rubber band on it,and it must fit in the envelope.The best way is to make a wide and short U and bring the sides into the center a little.

Put a small bend in the two short sides(this will keep the rubber band from slipping off)You can shape the paper lip any way you want as long as it will hold the rubber band tight and fit inside the envelope.

Stretch the rubber band across the "bow" (like bow and arrow) youhave created.

Next you will wrap the small paper clip in the center of the rubber band .

Spin the paper clip around and around on te rubber band,doing this until it feels tight.

Carefully place the loaded contraption in the envelope and close the lid.

When your "Victim" opens the envelope,the paper clip will start spinning,making the noise of a Rattlesnake,that is sure to make everyone jump.

(Remember you have them thinking about Rattlesnakes by the message on the front of the envelope)..

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